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Apps To Help With Credit Card Debt

During the holiday season, you’re probably going to spend a lot of time at The Rideau Center or the Bayshore Shopping Centre buying things for everyone on your list. A lot of the time you might pay with your credit cards intending to pay it off later. This can be fine when managed properly, but if you go too far you might be in need of debt help when January comes around. Thankfully, there are a lot of mobile apps that can be of assistance.

Whether you’re an iOS user or an Android user there are tons of debt management apps out there. Some are free and some cost a modest fee, but all of them come with a suite of features to give you a hand with shaking off the holiday debt load. Here is a short list of some of the finest debt management apps.

This Android app will cost you just $0.99 to gain full access, but it uses the “debt snowball method” to pay your debts. Enter your debt balances, interest rates, and current payments and the app helps you develop a payment strategy. It also presents you with charts and graphs to break down your progress. The add-on app called Payment Scheduler gives you even more widgets and notifications to stay on track.

IOU Debt Manager – Android

IOU Debt Manager is one of the most popular debt management apps on Google Play, perhaps because it’s free and so easy to use. Manage all your debts and bill payments with this one app. The makers claim that it’s the only app that allows users to sync their information with the cloud. It also includes payment reminders, so you’ll never miss a due date again. IOU is also available on iPhone.

Debt Manager – iOS

The Debt Manager app also uses the debt snowball effect, and that’s why it’s such a popular choice. You can track and pay multiple accounts using this application and its simple interface makes it a pleasure to work with. The summery page gives you a full break down of your progress and includes your debt-free date. Having a concrete date to shoot for will help you stay focused and dedicated to the payment plan.

Debt Tracker Pro – iOS

Debt Tracker Pro is $1.99 on iOS. The app allows you to track multiple debts, and it also gives you the option of tracking money that is owed to you as well. You can set savings goals with Debt Tracker Pro, so not only does this app help settle your debts, it helps you accumulate wealth. That way it does double duty with helping you improve your finances.

The holidays are always a time when people tend to build up a great deal of credit card debt, but managing it doesn’t have to be hard. These are a just a few apps on the market today that can help you get back on track.

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